Arthur Mafokate Disputes Lotto Fraud Claims

The SIU, also known as The Special Investigating Unit froze luxury properties linked to South African Kwaito musician Arthur Mafokate and others. 

Reports alleged that 5 NPOs received R56 million from the NLC, the National Lotteries Commission. These funds were allegedly meant to uplift poor communities but were instead used to buy luxury properties in Midrand, Pretoria, Rustenburg and Cape Town. One of the NGOs implicated is the South African Arts and Development Association, which Mafokate is a director of, and one of the properties seized is Mafokate’s multi-million rand luxury property in Midrand.

Arthur has come forward and has denied these allegations, saying these are just malicious rumours as he is nothing but a easy target for such lies. He says he and his company have never received a cent from the NLC. He believes that the only reason these rumours have been fabricated is because they knew he would make front page because he is a famous person. Arthur says the media needs to find a way to tell the truth without destroying the lives of artists.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Arthur is innocent or do you agree with tweeps who say that he should be jailed for these implications?

Written By Charlee Hustle 


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