ASNDA releases her first music video of her popular sixth single “Pata Pata”

an entrepreneur, singer, songwriter Asanda Madikane known
as ASNDA. Living in Brussels, Belgium.

ASNDA writes about the emancipation of love, sex and desire in vivid pop and conversational lyrics. Her songs are entwined with fiction and personal experiences that are laced with introspection. A unique and grounded mission that speaks to the hearts of her audience. Her catchy pop melodies and soulful voice wraps them comfortably into her musical universe.
Instrumentale avec un univers et cette voix qui vient sublimer le tout !” – Yearning Music

ASNDA grew up in apartheid South Africa, in a country that was racist, patriotic and victorious in gaining freedom. She grew up influenced by her large extended family of independent, strong,
cruel and dominating women. A shy girl who never spoke, found her voice in poetry, journaling, playwright and singing where she could dare to dream, the possibilities of joy. Today, she is a
self-made woman who writes songs about sexuality,  relationships and desires. They are the expression of her freedom, excitement and honesty in her music. That honesty allows her audience to give themselves the permission to live their true lives and be part of something greater. A gracious joy and passion that ASNDA continuous to champion.

ASNDA’s songs are playful extremes that connect, series of events and feelings. A musical orchestration of her world described as themes of: unapologetic women anthems, stylized
cinematic pop and tragic love.
“She is inspired and inspiring. ASNDA shines with her strength and positivity. From project to project, she now embarks on what has always thrilled her: music. Focus on this young woman whose meeting was marked by sharing …” – Mode in Belgium (BE)

Have you ever fallen in love with the hottest girl at the club, you didn’t want to but you couldn’t resist?

(Brussels, Belgium) 14 September 2020, ASNDA releases her first music video of her popular sixth single “Pata Pata” on the 1 October 2020. ASNDA’s Pata Pata is a playful flirtation of desire with female bisexuality. A song about an electric attraction with an unprohibited invitation. An allure, into ASNDA’s universe, a melodic groove wrapped in a soulful voice.

Artist: Asnda
Single: Pata Pata
Genre: Pop/Rnb
Video premiers: 1 October 2010

Pata Pata means ‘touch touch’ in the Xhosa language. A phrase made popular by Miriam Makeba.
ASNDA’s Pata Pata is an invitation to exploring an impulsive love- attraction. A game of seduction where rules can be broken by a touch. The Pata Pata video was filmed over two days by a crew of international womxn, in Berlin Germany. A collaboration project based on sweet synchronicity. The video reflects the playful conversation and feminine emancipation themes that are the heart of ASNDA’s music.

Pata Pata Official Music Video premiers 1 October , 2020 on Youtube 

#asndamusic #asnda #asndapatapata #newpatapata
An R&B song with a very contemporary sound with a mix of urban music influences and a carefully crafted electronic touch. The bewitching feminine vocal timbre is a true testimony of the smoothness and strength of women. 

Listeners are really in for a treat with this track! – Boulimique
de Musique (Canada)


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