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Take a look at some of the most common questions and answers below.

Why do i need digital marketing for my business?

Digital marketing is the promotion of your brand and the service you need to battle against competitors that do not only exist locally, but now exist nationally and internationally against your business.

Does your agency offer digital PR strategies?

Yes. We offer digital content placement, blog posts, interactive content, infographic creation and marketing, directory submissions, citation creation, and competitor backlink analysis.

Why is SEO important?

If you own a business or manage a website of any kind, you likely want target audiences to visit it. SEO is important because it’s specifically aimed at helping do just this; improve the online presence and traffic for a website. SEO helps you show up at the most important stage of your customer’s journey, when they are actively looking for products and services you offer, or resources and information for which you have expert insights.

What social media sites do you work with?

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What paid advertising and retargeting services do you offer?

We offer paid advertising campaign management across a variety of social media and search engine platforms including: Facebook Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Google

Will social media work for my business?

Yes. Social media works for every company. Social media allows one-to-one brand-buyer relationships to be developed and maintained like no other advertising channel.


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