Defending Love & Liberty: EFF Takes A Stand Against Uganda’s Cruel Homosexuality Ban & Imprisonment

The Commander In Chief and President of the EFF Julius Malema led the EFF in a picket against Uganda’s  Anti-Homosexuality bill on the 4th of April 2023 in Tshwane. You can now get life in prison in Uganda, just for saying you are homosexual. You can also be imprisoned for not reporting someone that you know is gay. A new bill has recently been passed in Uganda, where anyone who is found being gay, can get a life sentence or even face the death penalty. 

The EFF has always described themselves as a protest movement with an unwavering commitment to marginalise oppressed groups.  The party has decided to stand up against inhumane and discriminatory  bill that Uganda bill has passed against homosexuality. 

When addressing the picket in Tshwane, Julius Malema was quoted saying that this is a dangerous law because people in Uganda could simply get people they don’t like killed or jailed, all because the people who don’t like them claimed they are gay. He believes that this bill is anti-human as gay rights are also human rights. He says says we can’t say we are celebrating human rights in South Africa this month, yet there is a part of Africa that is not allowed to celebrate their human rights. The EFF leader has left Mzansi completely divided by decided to stand up against Uganda’s new anti-gay rights. 

One Twitter user wrote “EFF fighting for homosexuals rights , okay I’m getting impressed”

Another user wrote “Homosexuality exists and EFF fighting for homosexuals is a good sign. Heterosexuals and homosexuals can coexist and have to coexist. Sexuality shouldn’t define or divide us”

Another user wrote “I once attended a round table they had organised a few years back , very informative session I must say . The pain in the voices in some of the attendees regarding brutality they have encountered was rather debilitating to say the least “

What are your thoughts on Uganda’s new bill and what are your thoughts on President Julius Malema’s fight against this new law in Uganda? 

Written By Charlee Hustle


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