Fans Drag Bonang For Partnership Advert With Nivea South Africa

Bonang Matheba, the Queen B herself, recently announced her partnership with Nivea South Africa. She had been looking for brand new ways to keep her skin radiant & healthy, especially during winter. 

Some of her female fans on Twitter, recommended that maybe she should partner with Nivea, and  the rest was history. 

Fans feel that Nivea shot themselves in the foot by allowing Queen B to get a face beat before applying their Nivea cream. 

Some Twitter users didn’t see any fault with this ad, because most campaigns, most companies, ALWAYS make sure that they use the best make up in order for them to achieve quality images. 

A few Twitter users said that they absolutely love Bonang, but they also feel that the campaign could have used someone who also wears their natural skin from time to time.

What’s your view on this topic? 


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