Gogo Maweni Plans To Turn Husband Into A Zombie

Herbal Gabhadiya & controversial celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni recently announced on a Instagram live that she will be turning her husband into a umkhovu, a zombie, should he die before her. 

She says she and her husband work very hard and are very good together, they cannot allow their children to suffer because one of them has died. So instead they have signed a contract agreeing to bring each other back to life as a zombie, should one of them die first. Maweni refuses to let her husband die because she’s never met a guy who supports her the way he does and does the things her husband does with her spiritually. 

She says she doesn’t hide anything, not even her snakes from her kids, so they will know very well once one of their parents is now one of the living dead. Maweni also recently explained that umkhovu is someone who is physically dead but still very much spiritually alive. 

Turning a person into a zombie so they can carry on working for you after they die is not something new in Africa but being this open about it is something many sangomas usually shy away from. But then again those who love Gogo Maweni love her for how open and honest she is about her life and her ways. 

Question on many peoples mind is, if her husband dies and comes back as umhkovu, will he still be himself or just a zombie who can’t even speak? Will they continue with their relationship or is the deceased merely there to carry on working for the other? What is to happen to his skin? Will it come back to life or stay dead and smell like a corpse? 

Would you turn your loved one into a zombie after they die? Would you allow your loved ones to turn you into a zombie? And what happens if the dead lover changes their mind once they die and get to the otter side? If someone’s spirit is still stuck working in this world after they die, would that not mean that their soul is not resting in peace?

Tell us what you think.

Written By Charlee Hustle 


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