“Insta Baddie Stole My Mom’s Phone”

Instagram user @only1titi has accused her friend. Instagram baddie Ayanda who goes by the handle @yadaee. on instagram , of stealing her mother’s phone, allegedly.

According to screenshots of a conversation between Titi and her mother, Ayanda used to have a iPhone 8 but was now suddenly using the same iPhone 13 that her mother had mysteriously misplaced. 

Apparently Ayanda even helped them look for the phone and almost made Titi believe that some guy had stolen it, because the phone was charging in his room. 

In a video that has been making it’s sounds on the internet, we see Titi’s mom wish Ayanda a happy birthday while she’s in bed and asks her for her phone. There’s also a video that shows Ayanda being escorted into a police van and escorted inside a police station. It has not yet been confirmed wether Titi’s mother will be opening a case of theft or not.

Social media users are not sure if Ayanda suffers from a stealing mental illness known as kleptomania, which is an impulse control disorder that results in an irresistible urge to steal, or if she doesn’t maybe just suffer from FOMO-the Fear Of Missing Out. 

One Twitter user wrote, “She simply need help not jail there’s condition called kleptomania, she might be suffering from that condition and she could get help without criminal record, but then please drop charges and find other intervention I’m not encouraging criminality she might be a good person”

Another user wrote “Nah she stole cause she was trying to keep up with the Jones.

She is not sick. She should be held accountable…Calling the police was quite extreme…But ke ”

Another user wrote “Looking at Ayanda. She’s no kleptomaniac. She needed to keep up with a lifestyle she clearly can’t afford”

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Titi’s mom was right to call the cops on Ayanda? Does Ayanda suffer from kleptomania or did the pressure of using a iPhone make her do it? 

Tell us what you think, we love hearing from you. 

Written By Charlee Hustle 


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