Jub Jub Fired From Uyajola 99

According to online publications and an insider at Moja Love, Uyajola 99 presenter , Jub Jub has been let go from the channel. This happened after he used foul language insulting his business partner & refused to apologise. It has been alleged that the channel will not be renewing his contract which ends on the 18th of March.

Publications have revealed that Jub Jub’s former bodyguard, Xolani “Mr X” Maphanga, who hosts X-Repo show might be to replacing Jub Jub on Uyajola 9/9.  These news have divided the fans of the show on social media.

One user wrote…

“Damn that’s bad bad, we love Yajola 9/9 because of him, what nonsense is this we want jub jub back, where do we complain about this cause this is totally trash“

Another user wrote “He has too much fan base..he can have his  own show An he’ll  still  beat many shows with  viewership”

Another user wrote “If I was Jub I wouldn’t have done a show like that after what he has done, going around chasing people who are joling not even married people, he should’ve thought of a show that will help people a show like Zola7, or he can help ex cons that are being rejected by the community”

Another user wrote “Jub Jub is Very disrespectful especially in that Yajola 99 Nonsense Show, finally they Saw him….he doesn’t know how to talk to People..”

Another user wrote “Good now we can continue with our sides in peace without being worried about every Hyundai H1 that follows us…”

Are you a fan of Uyajola 99? How do you feel about Jub Jub leaving the show and being replaced by his former body guard? Tell us what you think.

Written By Charlee Hustle


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