Lerato Kganyago Leaves Her Husband And Marital Home

Mzansi pray for our South African celebrities and their marriages because it seems like there’s a divorce demon on the loose & it’s going after all your favourites. 

Just a month after they got married, break your rumours had already surfaced about Lerato Kganyago and her husband splitting up.  These rumours were quickly crushed because the two seemed very happy like there was never any trouble in their paradise.  

To many’s surprise, City Press recently reported that Lerato had left her husband and moved out of their marital home a week ago and went back to her home. It was reported that problems started for the couple after her husband opened a case of theft against their domestic worker & her husband. It is said that the domestic worker had been working for Lerato for the past 10 years so she and Lerato seem to have a bond that no man can ever shake.  Lerato’s husband accused the domestic worker of stealing a tv and two watches worth R3 Million. Lerato did come to her rescue saying that the items were not stolen, but were given to the domestic worker over a year ago. She says that this isn’t new for them as they always give their workers clothes & household goods. 

Sources close to couple told the publication that couple has had some trouble in their relationship for a while now, and the domestic worker being arrested is what pushed Lerato to finally ending the relationship. 

It is also alleged that Leroto’s husband owes the domestic workers R76k for work they did at his hotel. This has let some to believe that the tv and watches were actually payment for the money that they were owed for their services. 

So yeah it looks like Lerato and her husband have officially separated and their cases are now with their lawyers.

What’s are your thoughts? Do you believe this is the end of their marriage and have you ever had anything stolen from you by your help? If you’re a helper, have you ever been falsely accused of stealing from your employers? Do share your stories with us, we love hearing from you. 


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