Master KG & Makhadzi Call It Quits

Is 2023 the end of the road for couple musicians Master KG and Makhadzi?

The drama started when Makhadzi seemed to have had enough or her allegedly cheating lover Master KG and exposed him on Twitter. She tweeted his tweet leaking his phone number with the caption “If you have a nice body and breast call this number this guy doesn’t not mind he will pay 50k” and attached what seems to be his real phone number. 

Around the same time she also released a series of Facebook posts with captions such as, “I am destroyed, emotional. I don’t need anyone to calm me down. What I am doing makes me feel Betty.” Not sure if she didn’t maybe mean ‘petty’. Another one was captioned “I can’t breath anymore”, and another post captioned “This two girls travelled all the way from Botswana just to yoooo with my man”

She later tried to do some damage control tweeting “Guys I was also shocked about the post , someone hacked my Alccount! I finally got my account back.” 

These exposes were followed by Master KG announcing on social media that he and Makhadzi had broken up with the caption “It is sad this but me and my Queen Makhadzi we no longer together in a relationship but we continue working together to entertain our fans going forward. Thank you.“

Makhadzi did try to do some damage control by responding to Master KG’s post with the caption “I will update a date and venue soon. He just did a typing error he wanted to tell you that he loves me and he can’t wait to come to my show”

Unfortunately, just like Master KG, tweeps were  also not impressed and called Makhadzi out saying she’s lying about being hacked and back so quick when most people usually take much, much longer to get their accounts back. 

One user commented “We’re not from Venda wena ,we know your handwriting and English” 

Another unconvinced tweep commented “Not to say I’ll never be hacked but how does it work? They hack your phone to send a post and then unhack immediately when done? No leaking of your DMs even… they just wanna deliver a message.”

Another tweep commented “Nah we old enough to know that everytime y’all go thru meltdowns on Social media yall come back and claim to be Hacked. ”

Another user commented “Kodwa my Queen, just admit that you did it out of anger, we all know sometimes anger makes you do wrong things and regrets later. Just apologize. Stop lying no one hacked you account”

Their online break up clearly has their fans divided but what your thoughts. Do you believe they have really called it quits or is this just another one of their publicity stunts? Was Makhadzi really hacked or was she just tryna come at us with some a little too late damage control? tell us what you think.

Written By Charlee Hustle


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