Master KG #WayaWaya Challenge Trending In Asia

Some said that Master KG’s music could only be played at taverns but this talented musicians keeps proving them wrong. 

Master KG is trending worldwide for his Wayawaya single. The dance trend to the song is reaching so many different parts of the world. 

Ather parts of our African continent  have also joined in the fun, doing all sorts of goofy stuff on the challenge. From the looks of it, it looks like Asia seems to be enjoying this challenge even more than South Africa. 

The POWER of social media might just be the big breakthrough South African music has been needing for the longest time. We are still unsure what Master KG calls his genre of music but whatever it is, it’s taking South African music to incredible heights. 

It seems South African music especially amapiano, is bringing more and more eyes to South Africa from the rest of the world.

I mean, would have actually  thought that when we are being our true authentic selves, making authentic South African music, that that would be the best way to get the eyes and ears on South African music  we deserve? Shout out to all of our proudly South African artists who are putting our flag in every part of the world they dare to reach!

One of South Africa’s highest paid YouTuber’s Ghost Hlubi is also trending for buying his girlfriend a brand new Mercedes, however some people feel this might just be a stunt.  

In case you missed it, American rapper Phat Joe was seen vibing hard to a amapiano jam in his video, and the beautiful American singer Ciara, joined the #Umlandonchallenge. 

Shout out to Master KG & also shout out to Uncle Waffles  & all our other big amapiano artists who have taken amapiano to the world!

Authenticity is always best. You were born unique, you were born unique, why on earth would you want to die a fake? 


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