Megacy Fans Not Happy About AKA’s Management Promoting Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest has come under fire from MEGACY fans on social media after The RSA Music PLVG tweeted the following, “Cassper Nyovest @casspernyovest is currently working with AKA @akaworldwide record label VthSeason @vthseason “ 

Bear in mind that VTHSeason was AKA’s record label and management team. Fans were not impressed by these news as they believe that Aka and Cassper were rivals, therefore Cass has no business working with AKA’s management team.

One Twitter user commented “Hai ..

Cass this is too much attention seeking..first was the braai show nou this… Kore you can’t leave without  AKA neh.” 

To which another user commuted “When AKA took Nadia u didn’t complain .. Ricky Germin Major and all.”

Raphael Benza from VTHSeason commented on this tweeting “We have not signed Cassper Nyovest in any shape or form. Cassper is a talented artist and has an extremely capable Team. Don’t get distracted …”

MEGACY was not imprisoned by this tweet with one user commenting “You guys just keep disappointing us. Are you all trying to spit at Kiernan’s grave. You were all aware of the damage it would do to his fans and family to flash his biggest enemy in their mourning faces. We no longer have beef with Cassper. It’s all done. But please respect us”

Fans have also pointed out that they feel it was wrong of the management team to post Cassper on their Instagram account.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel it was a bad move for AKA’s team to start working with his rival not so long after his passing? Or do you feel it’s nothing personal, just business? 

Written By Charlee Hustle


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