Listen to Micah Da Music’s New single Addiction now

The Room  For Improvement is continuously making its improvements in the industry but this time around we talking of Micah Da Music latest song titled Addiction ( ) that is part of the mixtape which was released during the tough pandemic months of 2020 , When listening to the mixtape, all you can do is start to vibe. The song has an addictive element to it. While working on this song Micah Da Music says he was inspired by the outlook of the soft life that many portray and many more would like to attain in their lives including himself.
Addiction alone has made over 14k streams on spotify and 21k streams on Apple music, not only is this song making waves on the streaming platform it has been played on Metro Fm on the I Believe show by Oskido. The song feels quite relatable and of course this kind of addiction that we refer to on this song is  sustainable addiction, as the  song carries lyrics that further detail the value of being addicted to the good music and
other positive things which can be used to maintain hope for the better things  in life.
Micah Da Music didn’t stop working on his craft  he has gone to release

After Tears ( this year.

-The End

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