Nike OWN THE FLOOR together with Sportscene opened festivities with a dance thrill where various dance influencers such as Khanyisa , LeeLenela , Bhatista Black and Gomo Maloka battled out Amapiano,Pantsula and Sbujwa moves on the Nike Floor last Friday night at Sporstscene Sandton City.

A big break has been given to SA’s finest young talent Noluthando Mtshengu and Sechaba Shabae following being crowned officially as Own The Floor Champions. Ground -breaking groups of dance and choreographers team up at Sportscene Studio’s composing moves that influentially speak to our youth and society.

Sportscene called upon dance communities to OWN THE FLOOR using an interactive app which teaches and rates your moves. Every time your dance styles are rated your points were added to the app leader board. The top 10 on the leader board positions where invited to compete at the Own the Floor event on the 1st December, Sportscene Sandton City in hopes of winning the grand prize of a once in a lifetime experience with international dance choreographer Lee-chee Janecke. Audiences could enter on

NIKE is excited to announce its engagement with various dance cultures to unite movers and shakers as creatives of popular dances leading to festivities.

This massive announcement breaks boundaries and shakes the dance industry as initiated dance challenges the finest of the arts and creative space.

SportScene Brand Manager Keitumetsi Mamabolo says: “We need dance, it unifies communities and entertainment sector must anticipate creative dance blends of AmaPiano, Pantsula, Sbujwa came together to show us the in’s and out’s of what makes dancing a culture of fun activities.”

Guests were treated to performances from @versatile.blenders , @Adillxh,@kat_dj, @kmat_dj , @umsparty as well as being part of the judging of the Top10 #OwnTheFloor app dancers who competed to win the grand prize which included a dance experience with @litchi_hov .


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