Penny Lebyane Denies Paying DJ Fresh R280k

Dj Fresh recently appeared on the latest episode of PodCast And Chill With Mac G, where he called Ntsiki Mazwai a Femi-Nazzi and alleged that both Ntsiki and Penny Lebyane had paid him R280k in legal fees. 

This came after Fresh sued them for defamation of character after a woman had alleged that he & Dj Euphonik had abused and raped her. He alleged that Penny alone had paid an amount of another R80k to his lawyers. 

However, Penny Lebyane had allegedly slashed these claims saying she has not paid him a cent. Dj Fresh called himself one of Ntsiki’s biggest fans, saying he loves her mind and only hates the fact that she was reckless all in the name of being an activist. 

How do you feel about DJ Fresh winning this case and do you believe that Penny paid or not? 


Written By Charlee Hustle


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