The Third edition

4 March 2017

About Event

With the passing of each event, we saw great opportunities to do better with the next, and by the time we got to our 3rd Edition on 24 March 2017, the HipHop & Basketball community were waiting in great anticipation of what would be next.

In that, we were blessed to bring 1 of the biggest rivalries from the BNL (Basketball National League) out to the park!! Isaac “LK4” Katwe and Vincent Ntunja who had had a very vocal rivalry, came out to have the 1st ever 1on1 matchup at BallUP!! In a great match which had the entire audience at the edge of their seats, the contest was won by LK4, with both players earning much respect from their peers. Krinkim Crmkum stamped their authority as they came out Winners for the 3rd time in a row.

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