BallUp5on5 Football Vol2

November 2018

About Event

To date, the last BallUp3on3 was hosted on the 24 November, Belair Rose came on board as the main sponsor and we hosted the 2nd Ballup3on3 Celebrity Game and Ballup5on5 Celebrity Game with the like of J Molley, The Big Hash, Karabo Maseko, and many more. Krinkim Kramkum came through to reclaim their title as the BallUp3on3 Champions.

2019 saw us taking a break in order to explore other avenues as well as partnerships with plans in place to host a comeback event on the 28 of April, which was subsequently postponed to the Covid-19 pandemic which has taken other the world. To this end, we like to wish all of our peers and patrons godspeeds during this time. Be safe with your families, and know that Click Media Productions will be back with bigger and better experiences once all of this has passed.

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