Music, regardless of the time, place or culture from which it emerges is always about emotion. Sometimes the best way to reach those latent emotions hiding behind the monotony of our days, be it an iridescent joy or a smoldering pain, is by alloying the sound with memory. On DRC-born South Africa artist Tresor’s third studio album, he manages to do just this be rooting his sound in the memories of the past, evoking the power of timeless funk that transports you to a specific feeling.

Aptly titled Nostalgia, the 13-track album released in January 2019 via VII Recordings is a masterclass in weaponizing sound to evoke vivid emotions and transport listeners to memories resting in the forgotten chests in their minds. Inspired by the music of his childhood, Tresor balances various elements of 1980’s popular African music, from the choral textures of township folk ballads to the glistening and syrupy synth pop jams to engineer an atmosphere of warmth similar to what one might feel when digging through blissful memories of the past. Despite the sonic signature sounding familiar throughout, Tresor’s presence, highlighted by a calm yet powerful voice brings a refreshing tint to the lush sonic atmospheres he creates on the project.


  • Category :Music
  • Date :25 June, 2020
  • Client :TRESOR

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