Ralmed provides certified first aid

Ralmed first aid training courses have different levels which are: first aid level 1 (basic first aid), first aid level 2, first Aid level 3 (advanced first aid). All the first aid levels (level one, two and three) include CPR training and CPR certification. Some people request for mini first aid course which is just CPR training and CPR certification. The advanced first aid level 3 training course specifically has additional topics which teach CPR with AED and baby first aid. A course called Workplace basic first aid training is recommended for employees that work in low-risk work environments.


Ralmed is a first aid supplier. You can contact them for first aid refills and components of first aid box such as: sterile gauze, safety pins, triangular bandage, antiseptic wipes for wounds, adhesive tape for first aid, clear bandage tape, medical plasters, first aid gloves, first aid scissors, first aid ice pack.

First aid kits and first aid equipment are different, some are wall mounted first aid boxes and some are portable first aid kits such as the ones used for vehicle first aid kits, sport first aid kits and first aid backpacks. Other various types are industrial First aid kits, first aid boxes for home, metal first aid box.



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