Sithelo Shozi Accused Of Neglecting Her Mother After Getting Her Bag

Sithelo Shozi who recently bought herself a brand new body in Turkey, a new set of teeth and a brand new expensive car, has been accused of neglecting her own mother while slaying hard for her followers on the Gram. 

One user said allegedly, Sithelo is living it large and has proved she does not need the Mpisane money but is forgetting to take care of her own birth mother, who is allegedly living in a 2 bedroom house in Mhlanga KwaZuluNatal. Now this anonymous user apparently commented the a popular Instagram Page’s story and wrote the following…

 “Mina admin I want this girl to win because she handled her ex and his family with so much grace and maturity. The only problem I have is with her wearing all these designers clothes while staying in a rented apartment. Another little concern I have is that people are saying her mother lives in a 2 bedroom house somewhere in the villages of KwaZulu Natal.”

This topic has Twitter a little divided with one user commenting “It’s not like she owes her a house.”

Another user commented “All I know is some moms want nothing to do with you or your dreams until you’re rich.” 

Another upset user commented “It’s so annoying when I see title like this. You think nothing honestly pushed the person not to go home and get that fixed.We don’t know family dynamics the notion of fixing a home to some extent needs to be removed.True or not Just let  people do what they want with their money.” 

Another upset user commented “You guys honestly don’t know the relationships people have with their parents and why they choose to disown them if the mother is disowned ke.”

The last user I’m going to mention commented saying “I need the black community to understand that people are not responsible for their parents.”

Sithelo has not yet made any comments regarding these allegations so we are still unsure how true this story actually is and will be keeping a close eye on her socials to see if she decides to address the matter. 

Yeah no look hey, this black tax pandemic will constantly have the country divided because some feel taking care of home is the right thing to do. Whereas others feel you should always remember where you come from. So you know where never to go back to. 

What are your thoughts on this topic? Is it our responsibility to take care of our parents when we get the bag or have any of you suffered from the black tax pandemic? Please share your thoughts and your short stories in the comments sections. 

Guess what??! It seems that Sithelo actually did respond to this tweet with the caption “Okay but ikabani lana?” Roughly translated – “Okay but whose house is this?” So it looks like this was nothing but fake news.


Written By Charlee Hustle



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