Sizzle Manizzle blossoming from being a Video Vixen to a SuperStar

Manizzle pulled through with another fire project titled “Baddest” featuring Lasauce (l Do Hit maker) produced by Platinum League 

Sizzle Manizzle shared with us how they came about this collaboration. 

When the song “Best Friends” by Doja Cat featuring Saweetie came out we both loved it.  We used to watch the video almost 10times a day. We loved the song , the collaboration and the content. Then we were like we need to do something like this. So that song was the inspiration behind Baddest. She said.

 There’s nothing beautiful like seeing women working together than working against each other like the rest. For me working on this project with Lasauce was more of women empowerment and trust me after we announced that there’s a project coming people showed so much love and still showing love. Young girls supporting the movement is the most beautiful thing ever. I believe it will inspire a lot women to empower each other than hating on each other.

I’m honestly excited about this project. It’s a beginning of great things and looking forward to work with alot of more women in the industry.

A big s/o to my producer Vugar Mbeats (Platinum League) for always believing in me. Everytime I pull up and want to do something different he supports the move.

It’s been a beautiful journey for me as a musician. I always challenge myself and want to grow all the time. 

With the lockdown things have been really hectic. 2020 was the most depressing year ever in my life. I started doing music and realising music 2019 then when we hit the lockdown 2020 it was very tough for me, because that time I’m still fresh an a musician and used to hustling so now everything had to pause. I felt weak, l felt like I was not doing good enough and everything was new to me so I had to adjust to the new life.  I’m glad I found a way of keeping myself busy and drop my first EP and shoot for my second music video which is playing on musical channels which was a biggest achievement for me. 

What l learnt is that tomorrow is never promised. Table turns never say it won’t happen to u. Always stay humble and grateful.


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