TallAssMo To Sue Lerato Moloi After She Lied About Him Raping Her

South African comedian TallAssMo appeared on a recent episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG & opened up about his rape allegations by Lerato Moloi. 

TallAssMo To Sue Lerato Moloi After She Lied About Him Raping Her

Apparently Lerato Moloi had published a tweet where she alleged that she had been raped by TallAssMo. Lerato had alleged that Tallassmo had sexually assaulted her on the set of Master Chef, an international production on Mnet. 

When the accusations came up, Mo started losing jobs and was even cancelled from appearing on Behind The Story with Pearl Thusi and many other projects he was supposed to be working on. Some of the shows that dropped him included MTV, SABC, Mzansi and One Magic and many endorsements. 

Mo says when the allegation tweet was dropped, he was dragged so hard on social media that a #IBelieveHer was started & he had women attacking him from all angles.

Besides getting him dragged for false rape accusations and putting his life in danger, Mo says Lerato also opened a GoFund me account to help pay for her legal fees and account apparently only made $38 USD. 

Mo says the court only realised she was lying because on the date she said the incident took place, his alibi clearly proved that he was on a flight back to Joburg. The fact that he passed his lie detector test also helped his case very much. He was supposed to get 35 years to life for 3 counts of rape charges. 

Another thing that didn’t make sense in court was a photo that was presented showing Mo & Lerato and their partners posting together for a photograph at a club. This didn’t make sense because the same Lerato claimed she had lost a lot of money as she should couldn’t go anywhere and work because of how much Mo had traumatised her. 

Mo believes that Lerato did everything she did for clout because besides than having a lot of women behind her saying they believe her, she was also trying to release a new TV show about women abuse and getting all sorts of radio interviews. At the end of the day, the court said she was a liar, a waste of state resources and an unreliable witness to the court of law. TallAssMo was proven innocent and not falsely sentenced. 

What do you feel should happen to women who falsely accuse men of rape? Should they be given the same sentence the man would have received, had he been found guilty? What are your worlds of encouragement to TallAssMo?

Written By Charlee Hustle


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