About Lucky Gumbi aka SomK.

Born and raised in rural, KwaZulu Natal, in a polygamist family, where his mother was one of six wives. The untimely death of his father, abruptly changed life for him and his family, leaving him to be raised by his no-nonsense perfectionist mother.

Infamously known as Masogesi – Somk, and now a polygamist himself; with two wives, he lives a life informed by the traditional value system stemming from his upbringing. SomK started out his youth with the sole objective of overcoming his circumstances and changing the trajectory of life for his mother. He is a hardworking, self-taught entrepreneur and business man working in the construction, coal transportation and plant hire

While he may be a self-proclaimed ladies’ man, he actively chose polygamy, as a means of self-fulfilment and communicating love. No stranger to polygamy himself, the choice is also informed and supported by his religious affiliation as a Shembe Nazareth.

A lover of the finer things in life, he ardently displays and enjoys the fruits of his labour, flashing designer label clothes, in any one of his luxury cars, or treating his wives and four children to shopping sprees in Dubai, or exotic beach getaway in Mauritius. He works hard and is not scared to play hard and spend big!

Starting Saturday 07 November 2020 at 18h00 SABC 1 viewers will be introduced to a local reality show with a different twist simply titled The Gumbis.

The Gumbis is a new reality show following KZN born business man, Lucky Gumbi and his two wives Bayede and Nombuso as they strive to maintain their personal identity, first-class status, a six-figure bank balance and their unique family values in their polygamous marriage.

SABC 1 Head of Channel Pumzile Zonke comments: – “This is a seminal moment for the channel as we continue to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and viewing patterns.  ‘The Gumbi’s’ represents the first of many reality shows to come on the channel, and we strongly believe that our audiences will enjoy the drama, excitement and intrigue that comes with the reality show of this calibre.”     

The reality series is set against the iconic coastline of KwaZulu Natal, and will take viewers from rural to urban; first-world to developing world and everything in between. Ever think of Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and a picture of Shembe clad man blissfully wading to the beat of Imbungu? Well, welcome to The Gumbis!

“We are so excited to be bringing SABC 1’s first reality TV show that will showcase a beautiful family dynamic and we know that the viewers will fall in love with SomK and his family as much as we did when filming series,” says the producer, Sean McCollet.

The Gumbis will premiere on SABC 1 on Saturday, 07 November 2020 at 18h00.

Watch this space for more exciting developments from the youth channel.



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