Breeze Zulu Bass King teams up with Rouge, Moozlie and Thabsie in new street bangers titled Triple Threat

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Breeze Zulu Bass King is a talented rapper dancer from Durban who is popular for his electrifying
stage performances. With a total of 57 000 followers on various social media platforms, Breeze keeps
elevating the game whilst still keeping his fans and audience up to date with his refreshing music.
These difficult times of this world crisis have not been easy, but he still manages to provide his fans
and audience with outstanding new content.
Women have always been the true pillars in our country, democracy, and society. They deserve to be
celebrated every day and this is exactly why Breeze has taken it a step further by working with top
female artists in his music and who better than Moozlie, Rouge and Thabsie to create the


“sometimes us women take on burdens and stresses that we don’t
really need to, and we’ve seen in this country on past events how
complicated situations can get for women, but ultimately it’s just
important to spread a massage that it doesn’t matter how
complicated your situation is, YOUR LIFE IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT
than what your situation is.” – Moozlie

“I want to be able to say that, Yes, I’m talented in this rap thing, but it
was a choice to do it, because I still went to college and got my
degree and I can do whatever I want with it, so I can still say to the
next girl that’s listening, EDUCATION IS STILL IMPORTANT, it still the
key.” – Rouge



“In an industry where you see a lot of men involved, you don’t always
see a female drummer, or bass players or engineers, I made it a point
to go and find girls that are doing that, so that when a girl is in the
crowd and she wants to play the drums perhaps, and she sees a
women doing that she can realise that oh, I DON’T HAVE TO SING


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