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Click Media offer Authentic Digital Marketing Promo Packages to established Record Labels and Independent Artists looking to drop a Music Video, Single or Album.

Radio Plugging

Radio is the best way for you to reach thousands of listeners quickly & consistently. It is still regarded the most impactful and effective method of breaking new artists, creating awareness and driving digital sales. Targeting our broad variety of national radio stations ensures that your music will be heard by millions of people across South Africa. This type of consistent airplay is extremely valuable in advancing your music career, developing a new fan base and driving digital streams.

What We Do

As a developing and developed artist, one of the most important mediums to get your music heard is through the radio and with our large database of of over 50 radio statio stations nationwide we on your behalf submit your music to radio stations across South Africa qith includes national radio stations to community radio station.

Collate all assets required for plugging and send a media plan regarding targeting and action plans.

•Send digital samples to national, regional & community radio stations.

•Follow up with compilers regarding airplay & provide a radio report to the client/artist or manager every week.

•Monitor airplay weekly via Radio Monitor & telecommunication with compilers.

•Follow up with compilers regarding airplay & provide a radio report to the client/artist or manager every fortnight.

•Monitor airplay weekly via Radio Monitor & telecommunication with compilers.

TV Plugging

Footage is king -Music has eyes and ears; I hear it, I want to see it! Once your song has been sampled to radio, it is very important to shoot a music video for the single. A music video is vital if you want to maximise the impact of your music. It is a tool best used for creating conversations and resonance with your target market.

Music videos also act as adverts for synch opportunities and other brand synergies and attract a host of social media fans. In our vast experience music videos also serve as a great motivator for radio play: successful TV plugging can also lead to and increase in radio play.
What We Do

Get your music videos played on your biggest Televisions channels through our Music Video Sampling. On your behalf we will hit the ground running and submit your music video on South Africa channels such as SABC 1 Live Amp, YOTV, SABC 2 and SABC 3 CHANNEL O MASSIVE MUSIC MNET MTV BASE TRACE MUSIC Mzansi Magic Music Soweto TV

Service your music video to relevant local and international TV shows and channels.
Complete all required forms for copyright.
Follow up with the TV shows and channels regarding flighting and monitor.