What’s Going On With Musa Khawula’s YouTube Channel???

Those who dislike him the most have been celebrating to hear that Musa Khawula’s YouTube channel may have been suspended.The reason people assumed this is because Musa Khawula’s videos are not reflecting on his YouTube channel. 

Some believe that his channel may have been reported by people who are unhappy with his remarks and content, however, if the channel had been suspended and removed, then it would not come up when you search his name on YouTube.

Yet, his channel does come up, only you can’t see any of his videos. If the channel had been suspended then it would say so when you search for it and you also it would not give you  the option to subscribe. 

YouTube is not known for privatising videos so the only way his videos would be private would be if he personally set them all as private. 

Perhaps he received a lot of bad reviews and decided to privatise all his videos while he reviews them and decides which ones he would like to remove and which ones he would like to keep. 

Also, if the channel had been suspended then his overall views would also be gone yet, his 790k + views are still reflecting on his channel. The only time you know for sure the videos are gone is when you no longer see any views at all.  

Some believe that Musa might have just received strikes from YouTube as the platform gives you 3 strikes for copyrights, fair user policy and community guidelines, which they would usually be made aware of by people who have reported your videos for any of these violations. 

Musa Khawula is known for being that controversial entertainment blogger and it’s not secret that his comments to tend to rub people off the wrong way, but those who love him most, are already celebrating to see that heir favourite entertainment blogger is back on YouTube. He posted a video of his intro a few hours ago on his YouTube channel and received a few celebratory comments from his fans. One YouTube user commented “It’s sad people were already celebrating. We need Musa for a different kind of entertainment. He is like no other.”

Another user connect “ Chomiee you nearly gave me a heart attack. Welcome back. The haters celebrated too soon”

Another user commented “I almost had a nervous breakdown this morning”

Another user connected “Just this intro alone can get him 4000 hours of watch time”

What are your thoughts? What do you think happened to Musa’s YouTube videos and how did you feel when you weren’t able to see any of them?  Do you think he only made his videos private to get us talking or do you perhaps think he’s up to something by making them all private? Hmmm…

Tell us what you think.


Written By Charlee Hustle


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