XOLLY MNCWANGO RELEASES the first two singles “Ungukuphila” and “Healing Power”, taken from her forthcoming album “JESUS IS ENOUGH”

Hailing from Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal, Xolly Mncwango epitomises all that is epic and great within the Gospel scene. Having worked with the industry heavy weights such as Joyous CelebraSon, Pastor Benjamin Dube, Khaya Mthethwa to name but a few, the contemporary gospel musician has surely captured the hearts and ears of South Africans through her passionately worshipful recordings and live performances. 

Songs “Ungukuphila” and “Healing Power” are shining new examples of Xolly’s power, taken from her forthcoming album, “Jesus is Enough”.

 “Ungukuphila” was inspired and taken from Psalm 18: 

“I will love you Lord. Oh God my strength, The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God is my strength in whom I will trust my shield, and the horn of my salva@on, my stronghold. I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised..

Xolly in her own words describes the inspiraSon behind the songs – 

Ungukuphila “ was wri[en at a Sme when I needed a reminder of who God is to me, when everything that has been going around us was scary and we were hearing bad news everywhere. I had to go to my corner and remind myself – ‘God you are my stronghold, my deliverer, you are my shield you are my fortress’. It was just a conversaSon between me and God… the song is as if I am reminding myself who God is in the midst of everything that has been happening over these past few months… What has given me strength is reminding me who God is in my life, and what I have seen him do. (In this song we are) reminding him of his word. That ‘YOU our God you are our strength’…” 

“The second single, Healing Power speaks about the healing power of the blood which I also feel holds a very powerful message. The blood will never lose its power. This season in our life should inspire us to remember that everything will pass, everything will die, everything can perish, but there will always be the blood. The only thing that will never lose its power is the blood of Jesus. Our true idenSty is in Christ, his blood flows through us all in spirit, when we go back to God we don’t worry about the terrible things that will eventually pass. Cancers, Covid, gender-based violence – these things lose their power in the face of the loving God” 

“My music right now is an honest conversaSon between me and God. It sums up every curve, every sharp turn and even smooth ground that has been happening in my life.” 

The theme of Jesus being “enough” aptly represents the ethos of Xolly Mcwango’s new musical offerings: mediaSons on finding strength and surety within the vulnerable place we find ourselves in in the world at this Sme. “SomeSmes I feel as people we are too scared to reveal that we are weak,” she says. “It’s okay to cry out to God and say ‘I need you’. I feel that I’ve captured that in my music.”

 “Ungukuphila” and “Healing Power” are OUT NOW for your listening pleasure 

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