Dineo Ranaka Responds To Khanyi Mbau About Being Called A Fake Sangoma

Khanyi Mbau recently trended on social media for her Instagram stories throwing shade at sangomas. The stories had captions such as “You do not have a calling, it’s anxiety. This is the most anxious generation. That’s why we have so many sangomas. Laugh it off, you aren’t alone… Just get magnesium and a bit of sun B12 and have sea moss. That’s the only sea you need. Anxiety is wild, you will hear drums I swear!! 😂😂

I am not attacking you. Just saving you money. Stop buying cows, chicken and goats. Instead of buying melatonin to help you sleep and to boost your serotonin so your mood is better. Magnesium tabs and lots of B12 you can be your own healer.”

Khanyi was commenting on the fact that we have been seeing more and more people in our country claiming to have a spiritual calling and becoming Sangomas. One social media user even went as far as saying that most of the celebrities Sangomas we see are all scammers. That if you are a celebrity and you go to to consult with a Sangoma, of cos they will tell you you have a spiritual calling so they can charge you ridiculous amounts and tell you they need to take you through your initiation process so they can keep making more money off you. 

One user commented “Khanyi Mbau is right:Most people don’t have a calling, they are just suffering from anxiety or depression.Their marriages, romantic relationships, businesses, jobs, etc. failed… & now some fake gobelas are making tens of thousands off of their misery.

This scam must stop.”Another user replied to his tweet with a comment saying “It’s okay you don’t have to explain further, clearly you know everything and anyway you the same guy that said you won’t die for blacks, so it’s cool we get it as “blacks” ”

Another user tweeted “It’s saddening that ukutwasa has been ridiculed. Yes, we are too many but trust me, no one would want this. No one in their right mind would want to leave their ordinary life to go and live in a strangers home for months on end. #khanyimbau has no idea what we go through ”

Another user also commented on the tweet saying “I’ve always said this . These people just comment on something they have no idea of just for likes and vibes. Right now we are in spiritual war era , lot of generations curses needs attention and people think it’s for vibes”

Another user commented “Khanyi Mbau aside for a few minutes Bahlali. We need to address these fake sangomas uma bengakwazi ukukusiza they just tell you to go thwasa while you have no calling and the greedy gobelas who can see awuna calling but tell you to thwasa coz bafuna imali”


Dineo Ranaka recently posted pictures of her in her sangoma attire in her Ndumba on Instagram with a caption “Umumtu ongakaze angene ephelweni will have a lot to say about what they don’t know. Likewise a person who has never walked a day in your shoes will have tons of advice on how you should tie your shoelaces. Live as you are guided. Do as you know is good for your soul. Thokozani modern sangomas, healers and those in the process of their own healing. Thokozani nonke with anxiety and lean to the calming cradle of spirituality for healing. Thokozani those who mock what they cannot comprehend. Thokozani modern day uncertified psychologists that get a great portion of their teachings from TikTok (heheheh yah neh), Thokozani nani Twitter psychologists and herbalists. Thokozani nina that are fascinated, intrigued and eager to understand and respect the journeys of others without judgment or disgust. May we all try to have less opinions over the fingerprints of others as they are ALL uniquely designed. The tongue has proven to be the downfall of many a man. 

Camagu. Namaste. Amen.”

Some fans do agree with Khanyi Mbau on her remarks about people having mental issues which are misdiagnosed as a spiritual calling, yet some still strongly believe that we are going through a spiritual awakening era.

Do you believe in ancestors & spiritual calling and why do so many people having a spiritual calling at the same time? 

Written By Charlee Hustle

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