Kelly Khumalo Pregnant Again. Baby Daddy No.3?

Kelly Khumalo recently started posting pictures on her Instagram showing off her baby bump. Fans were shocked and all sorts of excited wondering if this means baby daddy number 3. 

Kelly’s first and second baby dadies are Jub Jub and the late Senzo Meyiwa, yet it is still unclear who the 3rd baby daddy actually is. Fans are saying Jub Jub can’t be the father of her 3rd child and that she can rather have a 3rd baby daddy, than having another child with Jub Jub after the way he disrespected her when he went to MacG’s Podcast and Chill. 

It doesn’t seem like Kelly will be revealing her 3rd baby daddy anytime soon as she seems to wanna keep this one a little private and no longer gives out confidential information about her love life. She never announced her pregnancy and let the baby bump speak for itself when she wore a beautiful skin tight top showing off her belly on one of her latest performances. 

So I guess this was her way of saying “As you can see, it is what it is”, and let the internet do all the talking. 

Fans also believe that Jub Jub was throwing jabs at Kelly when he posted this picture on his Instagram with a caption “I wonder kuyophuma ama pregnancy ayingaki kule December” – roughly translated, “I wonder how many pregnancy we will be seeing this December”

To which one Instagram user commented “Lol the shade in this post”, another user commented “I see what you just did there”

Anyhoo, congratulations to Kelly Khumalo on her 3rd pregnancy. And big ups to her and her circle for actually being able to keep this from us for so long. 

What are your thoughts on Kelly Khumalo absolutely radiating from her pregnancy? Who do you think might be baby daddy number 3 and do you feel about Jub Jub throwing shade at Kelly? 

Written By Charlee Hustle


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