Leeroy Sidambe Ordered To Pay R156k Monthly For Maintenance To His Estranged Wife MJ

Leeroy Sidambe has allegedly been order by the High court in Johannesburg, to return luxury Range Rover back to his estranged wife Mary Jane.  

It has been alleged that Leeroy had taken the car back from Mary Jane. Not only did he take back the car, but he had allegedly regifted it to his new girlfriend Mihlali. Online publications reported that the Mary Jane was granted the order in January and that as per the order, her husband had two days to return the vehicle, which he ended up giving to Mihlali.

In addition, Leeroy was ordered to pay the costs of repairs and maintenance of the vehicle and of her other car. He was also ordered to pay the balloon payment of another Range Rover owned by his wife within 30 days.

Under the order, he has to pay a whopping R156 000 a month towards the maintenance of his wife and children as well as towards the upkeep of the rented property occupied by them.

R156k! The things I would…Ja ne. Would a R156 000 month from your ex husband be enough to cover you and your children? Tell us what you think.

Written By Charlee Hustle 


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