Phil Mphela Says The South African Entertainment Industry Is Childish

Phil Mphela tweeted the following.. “This new show has talent galore but the story and production quality … hai. 

But, we can’t give honest reviews because people will take it personally and next thing you getting bad vibes. 

South African entertainment industry sucks sometimes ”

One user commented “Bad vibes? So you’ll withhold your honest critique for vibes? How will SA entertainment improve then if ‘influential’ people and scholars keep quiet?”

Another user commented “But art criticism is part of what grows the industry and raises the bar for our tv/film industry (+literature & art in general). Hollywood is this big, in part, because of people like you who don’t just passively consume art, and it is ultimately for the benefit of all.”

Even though nobody straight up said it, all the shade thrown led us to believe that the show they were talking about, is the new reality show ‘Real Housewives Of Gqebera ‘on 1Magic. 

Written by Charlee Hustle 


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