Themba Leaves Mpho Wa Badimo After Finishing Her 2 Million

Mpho Wa Badimo said she had blocked all her former Big Brother housemates after she won her 2million and left the show.  She and her former housemate Themba started dating and got married not long after they both left the show. However, rumours have surfaced saying that Themba finished her 2 million and left her for his baby mama, allegedly. All of this is happening while Mpho is allegedly pregnant and fans believe that Themba is the father of her baby. 

One Twitter user wrote “I kept quiet cause y’all were going to say I’m a hater but ain’t no way Themba loved Mphowabadimo! Why didn’t they date inside the house? Jiki jiki when she wins bayajola?”

Another user wrote “First of all she had to kneel in front of him and beg him to take her with to the finals. And he chose his homies over her. Idk how she allowed this relationship  to begin with.”

Another user wrote “Consequences of “we must build men, She brought this to herself”

Another user wrote “People swore at us when we told them Themba is in it for the money and fame . We were told we did not watch Big Brother because they always had chemistry… Welele Mara gal le yena..! Getting pregnant so quickly..!!

Did you know that Themba and Mpho were married? What are your thoughts on how this relationship ended? 

Tell us what you think, we love hearing from you.

Written By Charlee Hustle


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