Zamani Mhlongo Caught Cheating After A 6 Year Relationship


Black Door actor, Zamani Mbatha has found himself trending on Twitter after his girlfriend, social media influencer Snikiwe Mhlongo, caught him in bed with another woman. Snikiwe allegedly caught him in bed with an unidentified woman, and posted the video in her instagram story but later deleted the post. Social media has completely divided their fans with some feeling this matter should have been kept private as their relationship has always been a private one, yet others are just really disappointed by the actions of their favourite actor. 

Another Twitter user wrote “She must forgive him and make sure one day he finds her in bed with another man. That’s the game boyfriend and girlfriend should play”Another user wrote “Lol expecting guys like Zamani to not cheat is insane 🤣 the man’s has options a lot of them”

Zamani has apparently not responded to these allegations yet and is still posting on his socials, going on with his life like nothing happened. 

What’s are your thoughts? Was he wrong for cheating on her or was she the wrong one for exposing their business on social media? Tell us what you think.

Written By Charlee Hustle


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